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Chemicals to stay away from when washing or drying your clothes

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In my opinion, washing or drying your clothes is one of the hardest things to do when you don’t have time but you can’t trust laundry man too because you’re worried about your expensive clothes. We all are little conscious about our dresses and especially when it comes to the favorite outfit.

If you are the one who likes to wash clothes on his own, then you should take a look at the guide we are providing you. Here are some of the chemicals that you should keep away from your clothes at the time of washing or drying them.


Do you know that caustic soda shrinks the size of the things? If you ever keep your hand in caustic soda or wash something with caustic soda, you’ll realize after a while that your hand is getting dry and weird for a while.

The same thing happens with the cloth you’re washing and the color of the clothes also fades away due to the severe effects of caustic soda. You must make sure that the product you’re buying for washing your clothes doesn’t contain the excessive amount of caustic soda otherwise, you’ll suffer a lot from it.


Usually, people use laundry bleachers when washing the white clothes. Bleach helps in removing the stains from the shirts which are not easy to remove but do you know that bleach fades the color of the clothes and this chemical is harmful to your health too.

Benzaldehyde is known as one of the chemicals that are used in the bleachers. If you suffer from breathing problem and skin infection when washing the clothes, then definitely the product you’re using contains a high amount of Benzaldehyde. Rotary dryers are a better alternative for the Bleach.


At the time of washing clothes, many people use fabric softening chemical to make the clothes soft after washing them. After washing due to the harsh chemicals in detergent your clothes can be hard in nature.

But do you know that in the fabric softening solution there is a chemical named ethyl acetate which can cause you breathing and lungs problems? It can cause you skin itching as well.


This chemical is most of the time used in the dry cleaning. If you are giving your clothes to the laundry man, you should be aware of the chemicals that he’s going to use on your clothes.

Do you know that this chemical damages the kidneys and lungs? When you wear the clothes, you can smell a specific fragrance from the clothes. That fragrance can damage the kidneys and can give you skin inflammation as well.


Petroleum distillates are used in the detergents. This chemical has the power to develop the signs of cancer in the body. If you are witnessing such chemicals in the detergent, you should change your detergent as soon as possible.

Go for the detergents which are safe from the health perspective and that can be used without any worry.

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